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Let’s look at the big picture of eating together. Our menu at Antique is designed to encourage sharing. Not just the food, but the moment. The food part, to us, is simple, get the best possible product, and cook it properly. Just the right amount char and flavor. Let the Antique oven do the work. Let the fire burn, baby, burn.

When dealing with quality products, the vitamins and minerals are present, and the meal itself reflects the very definition of food: any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth. So we’re covered there. Nutritious? Check. But what we need to remember in this day and age, lest we forever forget is that civilization, in a time long ago, was founded around food and fire. In the circle around the flame we gathered, culture rose from the ash, and light was shed on pure potential. We developed through talking while we ate, and our nourishment as human beings came from our connection.

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The nutrition absorbed from eating together does not come from the food alone. Put away your phone while you eat. Don’t put it on the table. Don’t pretend turning it over has some power that tells your dinner companion they’re more important. It doesn’t. Get real. Get nourished. Talk.

Written by Chef Paul Gerard. 

Chef Paul Gerard went from hidden gems in The French Quarter to popular underground Brooklyn joints and then international-cool corporate houses. Chef Paul opened his first restaurant in ‘13, and he hasn’t stopped since.