Saving the Bakery

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When filmmaker/entrepreneur Joe Castelo and his brother and sister, Bobby and Christine, bought the original Antique Bakery building in Hoboken — Joe didn’t want to lose the history, have the oven stop being used, or watch the oven get destroyed by a new tenant with a different business. And then he met Chef Paul Gerard.

On a weekly basis they’d meet in the back of the Antique Bakery and Chef Paul would cook and they’d talk and imagine what a restaurant would look like in the 100 year old bakery; the central question being how to preserve the history and tell the neighborhood’s story while bringing something totally new to Hoboken.

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So Chef Paul Gerard and filmmaker Joseph Castelo brought their artist’s spirit to the reinvention of the storied Antique Bar & Bakery. And Chef Paul cooks chicken, steak and fish in the massive porcelain brick oven like no one else in the world does; demonstrating a combination of culinary craft and stunt work in a 1000 degree “hot-hole” on a nightly basis; a sight to be seen to be believed.

Antique is filled with memories; mementos of Hoboken history and the pride and the stories of Gerard and Castelo’s families; love being the key ingredient. Boasting a bar that serves imaginative and refreshing craft cocktails along with an innovative dinner menu; Antique is a breath of fresh, creative air for the Hoboken restaurant scene. Inspiring the warmest feelings of yesteryear, Antique Bar & Bakery is still a place where Sinatra himself would be happy to hang his hat.