Three Stooges Lobby Card & Mid-Century Modern Trolley Table

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Before mass media marketing and social media, Lobby cards were the movie studios form of social media marketing, typically issued in sets of eight, each featuring a different scene from the film and this one is a gem; an original Three Stooges Lobby Card from their 1959 epic, “Have Rocket Will Travel” Here’s the synopsis…

Hiding in the rocket, The Three Stooges accidentally launch themselves into space on a collision course with the planet Venus, where they find a giant flame-breathing tarantula, and a talking unicorn whom they befriend. But also waiting for them is a computer brain that controls the planet, which plans to create robot replicas of the Stooges and conquer the Earth. As per usual the Stooges’ movies continue to predict the future. This one was a tough recommend as I had to slam the laptop closed on my fingers to prevent myself from buying. Nyuck! Nyuck! Nyuck! Frame it and hang it in a TV room, dining nook, study, or an obscure corner of the bathroom that you are forced to stare at for prolonged periods of time.

featured finds Mid-Century Modern Trolley Table w:Nest Of Tables : Stool.png

If a knife should fall off your table you can be sure to expect company…at least that’s what superstition tells us. But how many people will show up? And will you have enough seating for all of them? And will you be caught wearing your pajamas when you open the door? So many questions can be spurred by an act of supernatural happenstance. Don’t worry this might be the answer to a city dweller’s dilemma of unexpected company in tight spaces… These Mid-Century Modern Trolley Table w/ Nest of Tables/Stool.

featured finds Mid-Century Modern Trolley Table w:Nest Of Tables : Stool_2.png