Mid Century Modern Dry Bar & Shaker Set

Head over to our pals at Revival Vintage in Hoboken and grab a smoking jacket for this cool AF item. You’ll be crooning like Dean Martin after every pour as you sip in comfort from your naugahyde perch. Sure, you’ll prolly ending up cracking wise through hiccups ala’ Foster Brooks but you’ll have the hippest and most space efficient watering hole this side of the Sands!


And here are custom instructions from Dean and Foster on how to enjoy a proper evening at the bar!

Shake it, stir it, and serve it with Gold.  Here’s a Martini set that will class up the joint: 60’s Mid Century Modern Tall Gold Striped Martini Pitcher

Bar set

Now, if only you could find the perfect bar to put it on…

Written by Joseph Castelo.
Joseph Castelo, born in Brooklyn, bred in Jersey. His family has been in business in Hoboken for 60 years and Joe can still remember the smell of sawdust on the floor of The Clam Broth House. Joe is an entrepreneur and film maker. You can catch his latest film, “The Preppie Connection” on Netflix.